Monday, March 16, 2009

New blog on the web site!

We now have a new blog for on the web site! Check it out...

Catch is Growing up!

Well "little" guy is now just over two years old, and yet he still lays down with his paws folded up under him. He tends to act some what odd at times, though Vicki tells me that this is normal for Berner pups.

He loves to stretch every time he sees someone and give a "rou rou" while doing it. You may thing that this would be the normal "rough" of another dog, but it is not, just the "rou".

Did I mention, he also responds to "Obama" by jumping up on his hind legs, and sometimes even posts there for a few seconds!

Other then that he is just a great house mate, laying around most of the day and needing very little, though has gotten spoiled with raw food from Darwins.

Bachelors party!

Well it is coming up at the end of May. The only thing that I have been told so far is that there is a lake, fishing, and a canoe involved, ohhh and I am sure that there will be some beer there too.

For starters, I am flying down to SF on a Thursday night and staying at Gilly's house... Not sure if this is a good idea or not, but hey, for all the times that I have been to the city, I have never even seen the big guy's apartment once.

After that though all bets are off. All I know is that it will be a great time where ever we end up going.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The longest running "news" show going down the shit hole!

I just watched "Meet the Press" for the first time since David Gregory took over the hot seat, and I was very disappointed. For the first time I wrote in to NBC and expressed my opinion about their choice for the anchor, David Gregory:

'This week on Meet the Press, I thought David Gregory did what Tim Russert would never have done on this show, and that is, show his true political colors. I had a great skepticism when NBC chose Gregory as Russert's replacement and now I think that I have been proved correct. He kept asking the same question of Romer, sometimes three or more times in a row, as if expecting a different answer or a "gotcha" moment. Russert has done things of this nature before, but there was one "fundamental" difference, and that is Russert would use the literal meaning of what someone said and asked them to account for it. In this case Gregory was twisting Obama's words and asking Romer to account for them. Romer even pointed this out saying that he was misinterpreting what the President was saying.

And when it came to Cantor, it was just plain soft ball.

I know that Cantor is not President, and the President should be held to a higher standard, but it has only been a few months since Obama came into office, and Gregory does not even point out that Cantor has lead the opposition to Obama's stimulus package, making it harder to fix the problems at hand.

And when Cantor twisted the words of Romer earlier on the show, Gregory did nothing to correct him.

And when Cantor said that the deficit spending was all right during the Bush administration because it was "getting money to the troops," when the war in Iraq was never on the budget in the first place, and this never accounted for the deficit spending at the time. And the reason that Obama's budget is so big now is because, for the first time, the expenses in Iraq are now included in the budget.

Cantor also said that Obama said he was going to "stop" pork barrel spending, and again Gregory did nothing to correct this statement, because Obama said he wanted to fix the process not stop it because he realizes that pork barrel spending is essential to get funding for crucial local projects.

Since Tim Russert died I have stopped watching the show regularly because I feel that the replacements that have been chosen, Brokaw for the first few months and now Gregory, have been highly ineffective as "unbiased" journalists and are very effective right wing mouth pieces. It greatly saddens me to see Tim Russert's legacy tainted with such a mockery, and I wonder, is this really the best you can deliver on what is supposed to be the most prestigious, unbiased news show on television?'

Let me know what you think. I would like to get a response back from them, but I fear that that would be to optimistic in this case.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Camping Trip 08

It is almost that time again with less then two weeks until the next camping trip at the Property. This year is a bit more special then normal as it will be my last year to attend the camping trip as a bachelor.

The Drunken Woodpecker Corral Bar will be finished this year, as we are getting an Alaskan Mill very soon, so we will be able to add the roof among other details. If all goes well with the mill, then I would also like to build a good stout table and a few benches for the camp site.

The other project that we are planning on doing this year is to build a pizza oven and a new barbecue pit. Sean has been designated as the chief architect of this project. Hopefully the mortar will last longer then a few seasons this time around.

Pirates and Pears

Well, the day has finally arrived. I asked Vicki to marry me a few weeks ago, and we will be getting hitched next July. I beat my sister to the punch on this one (I never thought that would happen, but then again you never know).

Some may be wondering, what the heck is with the domain name

Well in our search for a domain name, we looked for all the sappy domains, like vickiandchris, chrisandvicki, vickiloveschris... it went on and on and they were all taken. We even tried (catch being the pup), and it turned out that it was open but if any letter was mistyped it would lead to a porn site. So we were left with the task of coming up with something a little more original.

I had always liked the idea tha Vicki is of pirate lineage, I mean, who doesn't like pirates? So I figured that that could have something to do with the name, and then I remembered that there are Bartlett pairs... one thing led to the other and I cam up with It makes perfect sense to me...

So check out our site here!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Ohh Memories

Some things never change.

Get a toothpick.

I bet you don't remember this one...